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Bats Come Home To Roost Near Bacardi Office In South Florida


When Florida International University (FIU) bat biologist Kirsten Bohn moved into the South Florida city, she first observed the rare colony of bats while enjoying a cocktail on her balcony one night.

Rare bat colony getting cheers


The history of bats and Bacardi, and the FIU researcher who is trying to protect a colony of endangered Florida bonnetted bats.

The World’s Rarest Bat Is Discovered Living on a Golf Course in Miami


An FIU biologist has started organizing a brigade of citizen scientists to fan out through Miami as the sun sets to search for the bonneted bat and listen for its call.

Upcoming Events

Introduction to GIS Technology & Data

09/19/2014 01:00 PM

In this two hour workshop, participants will gain exposure to the various components of a geographic information system, data models used, and some geoprocessing capabilities.

Research and Teaching on Sustainable Forestry at the University of Chihuahua, Mexico

09/19/2014 03:00 PM

Speaker Dr. Miguel Olivas, Dr. Concepcion Lujan, and Dr. Javier Hernandez (each gives a 20-minute talk) of the Division de Ciencias Agricolas y Forestales of the Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua, Mexico.

Hunting for Geospatial Data Resources

09/19/2014 03:00 PM

In this one hour workshop, participants will gain exposure to several geospatial data resource repositories, focusing predominantly on organizations hosting resources pertaining to South Florida.

Student Opportunities

Multicultural Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Genetics


The Department of Biological Sciences in the College of the Environment and Life Sciences at the University of Rhode Island is seeking a Multicultural Post-Doctoral Fellow with expertise in genetics and a commitment to bringing multicultural perspectives to the curriculum, department, college, and university.

Sierra Club - Free Seminar


The Sierra Club is hosting a free seminar in Hallendale on Sept. 20th, featuring speakers discussing various aspects of southeast Florida's coastal environment.

James Duke Ethnobotanical Fellowship


The James Duke Ethonobotanical Fellowship aims to increase opportunities for research in the Andean and Amazonian regions of Peru.