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Sharks revealed as the great protectors of seagrass


Sharks, marine scientists say, are often misunderstood, described as ravenous man-eaters. In reality, sharks are critically important to the health of the world’s oceans, yet a quarter of all shark species are threatened with extinction.

Freshwater flow affects Everglades fish. But how?


With tarpon fishing season at its peak, FIU scientists are tracking the saltwater fish throughout the Florida Everglades. They want to know how water conditions affect some of the state’s most lucrative recreational fisheries.

Volcano sharks are a thing


Dean Mike Heithaus stars in Devil Sharks, which aired at 10 p.m., July 26, on Discovery. He is joined by FIU post-doctoral researcher Jeremy Kiszka, research analyst Kirk Gastrich and Ph.D. candidate Frances Farabaugh.

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National Council for Science and the Environment- Membership Manager


Membership Manager will lead recruitment and expansion efforts for NCSE’s existing membership categories, including four-year and two-year institutions of higher education, and lead the development of new membership categories beyond our current membership base for launch in 2018. Email Jessica Soule ( inquiries

National Council for Science and the Environment- Events & Meetings Coordinator


Events & Meetings Coordinator will lead the coordination, execution, and follow-up of NCSE’s annual events, including the National Conference and Global Forum, Academic- Federal Dialogue, Energy Education Summit, EnvironMentors National Fair, and biannual member meetings, as well as other stand alone meetings as needed. For inquiries, email Jessica Soule (

FEMA Reservist – NDRS – Community Recovery Assistance Specialist (Community Planning Exper


The Community Planning and Capacity Building Recovery Support Function (CPCB RSF) supports and builds the recovery capacities and community planning resources of local, State and Tribal governments after a disaster. If you are interested in helping communities after a disaster