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Mercury contamination found in Everglades dolphins


Bottlenose dolphins in the Florida Coastal Everglades have higher concentrations of mercury than any other populations in the world. FIU scientists examined dolphins from the lower Florida Keys, Everglades National Park and Florida Bay, looking for mercury and organic pollutants in their skin and blubber.

My internship bringing sustainable solutions to Nicaragua


Annette Dominguez is a Sustainability Major with a certificate in Public Policy at FIU. She interened at blueEnergy – an international organization dedicated to sustainable solutions to complex challenges in Bluefields, Nicaragua – for 4 weeks

Collaboration helps solve environmental global concerns


The International Long Term Ecological Research Network is made up of scientists working to improve what is known about different ecosystems throughout the world and how these ecosystems are changing. This includes the Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research (FCE LTER) program, which is based at FIU.

Upcoming Events

Speaking Sustainably Series: South Florida’s Forested Rocklands

12/07/2016 07:00 PM

Pine forests and hardwood hammocks have long been two sides of a "habitat coin" on Miami's limestone rocklands. In this presentation, we discuss the forces that drive ecosystem dynamics between pine forests and hardwood hammocks, the biodiversity each supports and its variability across sites including the Deering Estate.

FIU Nature Preserve Volunteer Day

12/08/2016 09:00 AM

Show your Panther Pride at the Preserve! The FIU Nature Preserve (NP) provides many opportunities for students and non-students to get involved in various volunteer activities.

Julie Marie Wade Author Event- SIX: Poems

12/11/2016 04:00 PM

Join FIU Creative Writing professor Julie Marie Wade as she discusses her collection of poems SIX. Why SIX? Because the collection is composed of six poems. And because the perspective in this collection shifts like a kaleidoscope, each image viewable from six possible angles.


Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program


DDCSP@UW is a paid, multi-summer, undergraduate experiential learning program that explores conservation across climate, water, food and ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest.

FIU Zoo Conservation Biology Spring 2017 Course


Zoo Conservation Biology is a hands-on examination of the role of zoos in conservation science, conservation action, and conservation education. This course, taught by instructors from Zoo Miami’s Conservation and Research Department, will examine the history and modern mission of zoos, and give students an view of “behind the scenes” conservation efforts at Zoo Miami.

Reef Relief Spring and Summer 2017 Internships


Interested in ocean conservation? Reef Relief is now accepting applications for their Spring and Summer 2017 internship programs. Opportunities include Stormwater Education and Coral Camp Education.