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"Everglades Under Attack" on Fusion Network


The Florida Everglades is one of the most unique natural resources in the world, with an abundance of wildlife found nowhere else. SEAS researchers and their efforts in the Everglades were featured in a short documentary on the Fusion Network.

New Book by FIU English Professor: James Joyce and the Exilic Imagination


A new book by Director of the FIU CHUE and FIU English professor Michael Patrick Gillespie explores the ways James Joyce wrote about his homeland with conflicting bitterness and affection--a common ambivalence in expatriate authors, whose time in exile tends to shape their creative approach to the world.

Butterflies fall victim to mosquito control


South Florida’s butterflies have become the unintended victim of insecticide control, according to FIU researchers. A five-year study by scientists in the FIU Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment Lab has found that exposure to naled, permethrin and dichlorvos — insecticides sprayed loyally for mosquito control — are acutely toxic with some species being more sensitive than others.

Upcoming Events

Aquaponics: Sustainable Agriculture in the Florida Keys

04/17/2015 07:00 PM

As part of the Ocean Life series, Dr. Bill Irwin will demonstrate how nearly anyone can produce a significant amount of healthy, organic vegetables and fish with very little effort or expense in an eco-friendly, sustainable way nearly anywhere.

UGSRC seminar Series: Fiona Tomas Nash

04/20/2015 12:30 PM

Fiona Tomas Nash will give a seminar of the effects of ocean acidification on seagrasses: the grazer perspective. Seminar will be polycommed to BBC.

Lisa Papademetriou: Get Your Grammar On... Before Finals

04/23/2015 03:30 PM

Presented at part of The Betsy Writers for Young Readers Program, Lisa will present a workshop on writing for young adults at FIU MMC. Lisa Papademtriou, who is a NYT bestselling author of children and young adult books will be talking about her life as a former editor, her life as a writer and the persona she created (Ivana Correctya) to engage young people in a fun and exciting way to learn grammar.


Zoo Miami Internships


As part of a partnership between Zoo Miami and FIU, internship opportunities for FIU students.

NOAA Program Support Administrator


Program Support Administrator will work with NOAA's Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, supporting the Labs and Cooperative Institutes Office. Provide administrative assistant and project support manager. Perform and improve organization, tracking, documentation, budgeting and record keeping tasks. Use project management tools to provide project progress reports.

Senior Associate positions at Pew Charitable Trusts in Global Shark Conservation


The senior associate provides program support to the manager (international policy) for the global shark conservation campaign. The position will report to the manager, global shark conservation and is based in Washington, DC.