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Migrating Amazonian trees are a cause for concern


Tropical forests in the Andes Mountains are changing in the face of climate change. A new study published in PNAS reveals the number of highland tree species is decreasing as a result of lowland tree species moving upslope along South America’s longest mountain chain in response to rising temperatures and changing rainfall patterns.

Eat less meat, save the planet


To conserve the planet’s ecosystems and their diverse plant and animal species, human populations should consume less meat, according to FIU researchers, Brian Machovina and Kenneth J. Feeley.

Inaugural poet to join U.S. Embassy ceremony in Cuba


Alumnus Richard Blanco ’91, MFA ’97 will take to the steps of the United States embassy in Havana Aug. 14 as the American flag is raised in Cuba for the first time in more than 54 years.

Upcoming Events

The Last Horcrux and the Other Editorial Conundrums: HP's Editor Explains

08/28/2015 03:00 PM

FIU and The Betsy Hotel present the Writers for Young Readers Series. Cheryl Klein is going to speak about editing the last two Harry Potter books.

Ghosts of the Western Glades Film Screening

09/18/2015 07:45 PM

Filmaker Richard S. Kern explores the prairies, tree islands and swamps of Big Cypress and the Fakahatchee Strand. Here we will encounter some of North America's rarest flora and fauna and learn about exciting new initiatives designed to keep the Western Everglades wild.


Flora and Fauna of the Florida Keys Course


MERC is proud to offer a continuing education course on flora and fauna of the Florida Keys. This ten-week class will provide an introduction to the unique flora and fauna of the Florida Keys and will feature guided field trips through natural communities of the area.

SEAS Federal Work Study Opportunities


The School of Environment, Arts and Society has Federal Work Study opportunities available: Environmental Programs and Engagement, Communication and Engagement, and Office Assistant.

Full Time Biologist/Environmental Scientist


Smart Sciences Environmental Consulting is seeking a full-time Biologist/Environmental Scientist. Candidate should have 1-4 years experience in the biological or environmental science capacity and ability to produce deliverable maps for clients using GIS.