Hot Pepper Shakespeare

Event information
Venue:MMC, Green Library TV Lounge


As we kick off a month-long celebration in February of all things Shakespeare—centered upon the exhibit of the First Folio at the Frost Museum—I wanted to invite you to "Hot Pepper Shakespeare" on Monday February 1, 1-2 p.m., in the GL TV lounge.

The concept is simple, and fun:

  1. Consume a hot pepper.
  1. Read a Shakespearean passage, with emotion, gusto and joy.
  1. Receive relief, in form of milk or other soothing agent.

This will cool the hot pepper burn, but not the Folio Fever, which will rage within you throughout February, only tempered with the passing of the book onto another state on February 29. (Peppers, passages, and placebos, all to be supplied!)

For further details, email Alvin at to volunteer or ask questions.

Liven up this “winter of our discontent” with a fun event!