Pandora's Box of Paradox in an Upside-Down Estuary

Event information
Venue:Tropical Audubon Society 5530 Sunset Drive, Miami, Florida 33143


SEAS Executive Directr, Dr. Evelyn Gaiser, will highlight many of the unusual features of the Everglades and why restoration is essential for preserving these perplexing characteristics.

Dr.Gaiser is an aquatic ecologist who studies long-term dynamics of ecosystems in response to environmental change. She serves as the Lead Principal Investigator of the Florida Coastal Everglades (FCE) Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Program, which has been funded by the National Science Foundation since 2001. The FCE LTER program addresses the interaction of coastal wetlands and urban systems as they are pressured by changes in climate and the ways in which threatened coastal resources are managed. She has published over 90 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters and has been awarded over $25 million for her research. Research in her laboratory focuses on the role of algae in lakes and wetlands around the world. Dr. Gaiser has served on the Executive Board of the Long-Term Ecological Research Network and International Association of Diatom Research, and on the Steering Committee of the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network. She has actively worked with national and local governments to integrate scientific research into policy decisions. In recent years, she has been leading efforts in South Florida to address the impacts of sea level rise on the Everglades and urban Miami, leading to development of a Sea Level Solutions Center at FIU. Dr. Gaiser earned a B.S. Biological Sciences at Kent State University, an M.S. in Animal Ecology from Iowa State University, and a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Georgia.