There are many opportunities to get involved at Florida International University. Gaining hands-on experience in research as an intern or assistant can jump-start a career in an environmentally-related field. SEAS provides opportunities for undergraduates in any major to enroll in service-learning courses and internships in environmental fields. Ongoing opportunities include:

Summer Internships

Students can now participate in a summer course that places them with local environmental agencies and organizations to gain hands-on experience in their fields while earning credits. Additionally, the Environmental Programs Manager for SEAS, Nick Ogle, maintains an up-to-date list of internships and volunteer opportunities.

K-12 Environmental Education

Volunteer to teach environmental lessons to K-12 students both in the classroom and through hands-on field activities through our Discover Our Backyard program. These lessons present required curriculum using environmental themes and concepts. For more information contact Nick Ogle.

Be sure to frequently check the SEAS News and Events pages to stay up-to-date on service learning, volunteer, internship, and career opportunities.