Montgomery Botanical Center

Botanical Garden Management

Mentor: Patrick Griffyth

Montgomery Botanical Center (MBC) is a 120-acre botanic garden in Coral Gables, founded by Nell Montgomery Jennings, in honor of her late husband, Colonel Robert Montgomery. MBC is best known for its National Palm Collection and National Cycad Collection, as well as for its high standards in the management of living plant collections. With plants from around the world growing on a common site, MBC is frequently visited by scientists who make use of these living treasures, as well as students who can learn from these plants. The plants are also managed as a conservation collection, providing a genetically robust backup for native palm and cycad populations in the wild. Internship opportunities at MBC are focused on the fundamental management of these living collections, as well as their study. Interns at MBC work to promote the health of seeds and seedlings in the nursery, care for mature palms, cycads and trees on the grounds, help to manage labels, maps and data with our team, and are encouraged to contribute their own ideas and improvements to our operation.

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