Why Give

As our climate changes and human populations expand, we approach the planet’s 6th mass extinction, and every human risks losing access to (or quality of) water, food, and health, SEAS is dedicated to develop and implement the next generation of innovative solutions for a sustainable future by harnessing science, the arts and their integration.

Join us in our mission to address these urgent challenges by helping foster globally renowned programs, from tropical conservation to water studies that are transforming societies through knowledge, action, and shared responsibilities. Give Today

Targeted Giving

Our school houses a variety of multi-disciplinary programs, research centers and projects targeted at solving issues in freshwater ecosystems, marine environments and tropical species conservation.


Water is essential for all life on earth, yet is one of our most imperiled natural resources. SEAS’s work with freshwater extends from Florida’s Everglades to the Caribbean and the most undeveloped regions of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caucasus. Our water initiatives are housed in the Institute of Water and Environment (InWE) and serve as a global model for knowledge and action to preserve our water.

Finding Solutions to Sea Level Rise

Research and Education in Aquatic Pollution

Everglades Restoration

ForEverglades Scholarship


Making up ⅔ of earth, oceans are key to our global health. From understanding our coral reefs and ways to repopulate them, to studying the biggest animals in the sea and manning the world’s only operating undersea laboratory, we are making strides toward preserving our oceans through research, training and partnerships.

Aquarius Reef Base: The World’s Only Operating Undersea Laboratory

Protecting Sharks, Rays and Coral Reefs

Marine Education and Research Center


The tropics are the most diverse region on earth – rich with plants and animals critical to life as we know it. CASE brings together scientists, students, and people doing conservation across the globe to save species through intelligent, long-term planning to balance society’s needs.

Revolutionizing Tropical Plants

Saving Species

Sustainable Food Production

Arts & Humanities

By integrating the arts and humanities with scientific environmental research we connect with communities, create effective avenues to inform policy and foster and help our students and researchers to devise and implement innovative solutions to current issues impacting our urban, rural and natural environments.

Cultural Connections

Power of Words