Confluence: Where life and science meet

Confluence is a seminar series run through the Quantifying Biology in the Classroom ( QBIC) program. Aimed at undergraduates, the purpose of the series is to introduce students to the lives and work of researchers in the field of Biology. The series focuses not only the latest scientific questions being addressed in the field, but also on how and when these researchers decided to pursue the troubling questions that led to their careers.

As part of the Confluence series the seminar speakers discuss their work, inspiration, and their hope for how their work may enrich society. After the hour-long seminar, speakers give an interview in which they discuss their life and work in more detail.

The first episode of the interview segment features Dr. Tyrone Hayes who gave an outstanding seminar in April of this year. Dr. Hayes is a Professor of Biology in the Department of Integrative Biology at University of California Berkeley. PhD candidate Adam Rosenblatt discusses Dr. Hayes' life, work, and the decisions that led him to his career.

The subsequent episodes will be made live once post-production is complete. Confluence is made possible with financial support from the National Institutes of Health.