Coral reef study receives NSF grant

FIU has received an $822,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to study the adverse effects of algae and microbes on coral reefs.

“Healthy fish and marine populations thrive on healthy coral reefs,” said Deron Burkepile, a Marine Sciences professor in the Department in Biological Sciences. “Human beings also depend on reef ecosystems as a source of nutrition and economic well-being. Major reef systems exist in four areas of the world. When the fish populations in these areas decline because of unhealthy or dead coral reefs, the people in these areas are also negatively affected.”

The grant will help to further the mission of Dr. Burkepile’s lab which is to identify how alterations to trophic interactions and ecosystem productivity affect community structure and ecosystem function.

For more information on this NSF grant and the importance of coral reef ecosystems, check out FIU News.