Dr. Timothy Morton (UC-Davis) Blogs about His Recent Visit to SEAS

Hosted by SEAS and the English Department, Dr. Timothy Morton (UC-Davis) visited FIU on March 30-31, 2011 and left with a new view of how the environmental sciences and the humanities fit together. In between presenting lectures on “Ecology in the Time of Hyperobjects” and “The Ecological Thought” on both campuses, Dr. Morton was given a true South Florida field experience. Telling him to “dress for muck,” Marine Sciences Director Joel Trexler took Dr. Morton out into the Everglades via airboat. Rarely at a loss for words, Dr. Morton could only summon up “amazing,” when asked about the trip. Professor Morton is a distinguished scholar of English literature, romanticism and environmental aesthetics, and the author most recently of Ecology Without Nature (Harvard, 2007) and The Ecological Thought (Harvard, 2010). To read his recent comments about FIU and SEAS, visit Dr. Morton’s blog