English Department Faculty Honored and Recognized for Excellence

Congratulations to the faculty in the Department of English as they continue to bring recognition to FIU through their outstanding work.

Dr. John Dufresne has been honored as a Guggenheim Fellow. Guggenheim Fellowships are awarded to scholars who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts. The honor comes with a $40,000 award to support further writing and research.

Dr. Carmela McIntire has published her second book of the 2011-2012 academic year. Her first publication A Critical Edition of Josephine Lawrence's "If I Had Four Apples" (1935): A Novel of America's Depression Years offers a rare conservative critique of the shift in American values that came to a head in the 1920s. Published in October 2011, McIntire's critique of If I Had Four Apples focuses on the power of individuals to effect changes in their own lives, and provides a new and rich perspective on the complex decade of the 1930s in America.

Dr. McIntire's second book, A Critical Edition of Josephine Lawrence's "Years Are So Long," 1934: A Novelistic Portrayal of Adult Children With Their Elderly Parents During the American Great Depression , was published January 2012. In her critical edition, McIntire explores the relationship between adult children and their elderly parents in Depression-era America presented in Lawrence's The Years are So Long.