SEAS Marine Science Student Wins ESA Graduate Student Policy Award

Adam Rosenblatt, a PhD candidate in the Department of Biological Sciences was awarded the Ecological Society of America's annual Graduate Student Policy Award. The award includes an all-expenses paid, two-day, hands-on science policy experience in Washington, DC. Awardees have the opportunity to sit in on briefings from federal agency and congressional officials, network with other scientists from across the U.S., and engage with congressional staff and members during meetings focused on federally funded STEM research and education.

As a PhD candidate at FIU, Rosenblatt's main focus of ecological study is determining the role that large predators play in the structure and function of ecosystems. His current research focuses on how the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) fills the role of top predator in the largest wetland ecosystem in the United States, the Florida Everglades. The aim of his research is to understand not only alligator movement and feeding patterns in the coastal areas of the Everglades, but also how these patterns are affected by seasonal variation and prey distribution. Rosenblatt will join the other ESA award recipients in DC at the end of March.