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The School of Environment, Arts and Society is proud of our alumni and the work they do across the United States and around the world. 

Distinguished Alumni

Richard Blanco ’91, MFA ’97, received the 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award for his achievements as an inspiring poet and public voice in times of triumph and tragedy. 

Known Writers

Aside from several recent graduates having their poems published, the New York Times bestseller Dennis Lehane MFA '01 has had great success with his book becoming an Oscar-nominated screenplay. 

World of Aquaponics

Miles Medina '14 designed and built six aquaponic units at FIU's Organic Garden, increasing crop yields and providing a solution to food insecurity.  

Agroecology Outreach

In addition to her research on honeybees, Stephany Alvarez-Ventura '11 helped grow and manage agroecology programs for local communities, K-12 schools and more. 

National Parks Leadership

One of the Southeast’s most beautiful outdoor destinations, Cloudland Canyon State Park, named Biological Sciences alumnus Brad Gibson, manager of the 3,488-acre park.

Discovering Species

Now a co-instructor teaching Ecology and Systematics of Diatoms and College Prep Diatoms to college and high school students, Dr. Sylvia Lee discovered a new diatom while in the Aquatic Ecology Lab.