Deering Estate

South Florida Biodiversity, Science, and Restoration at the Deering Estate

Mentor: Christopher Bumpus

The Deering Estate offers multiple options for study of plants and animals. Example internship projects include: (i) study of growth rates in the pine rocklands following a prescribed burn; (ii) studies of avian populations at Deering and avian uses of plants; (iii) habitat use and population studies of Reef Geckos (Sphaerodactylus notatus); (iv) surveys for invasive anoles; (v) biodiversity surveys in seagrass and mangrove environments; and (vi) examination of the effects of Chicken Key restoration on native biodiversity.

Macroalgal assemblages as environmental indicators at the Deering Estate

Mentor: Ligia Collado-Vides, FIU

The marine macroalgae research laboratory at FIU is conducting a survey of the impact of the Deering Estate Flow Way experiment on the macroalgal assemblages as indicators of potential impacts of the large scales project by the Coastal Everglades Restoration Program. Changes in salinity and nutrient availability are expected to impact the diversity and abundance of macroalgal flora and its associated invertebrates with potential impacts at the ecosystem level. Students will be helping with the collection of material, identification and curation for the herbarium collection of macroalgal specimens. In addition, invertebrates inhabiting macroalgal assemblages will be identified at the lowest taxonomic level and quantified. Results of this particular internship could be presented in diverse scientific meetings.

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