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Ocean Education Ignite Campaign

Making Virtual Reality a Reality for the Future of Our Oceans

This year (2018) SEAS is launching an employee-giving campaign to support one of our core missions: Educating and inspiring the next generation of scientists, communicators and decision makers to protect the future of our oceans.
Our marine programs based in the Florida Keys are an essential component of the SEAS Education and Outreach initiatives – Our teams at the Medina Aquarius Program, which houses the world’s only undersea laboratory, and at the NOAA Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary work to conduct cutting-edge marine research and inspire future generations of ocean explorers and advocates. Our goal is to bring people of all ages to experience Aquarius, the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and to connect them with the importance of marine life.

Unfortunately, we can’t bring everyone to the bottom of the ocean. But, we can bring the bottom of the ocean to them!

One platform that we can use to do this is virtual reality. Virtual reality would allow us to immerse children and adults in imperiled ecosystems so they can visually experience the changes that they currently face. Through these innovative technologies we will inspire people to take an active role in protecting our ocean planet.