Recycling Program

Florida International University has a single stream recycling program, meaning all recyclable items can be placed in one bin without having to be sorted. FIU’s current recycling rate is 30% of the waste stream with the goal of recycling 50% by 2015. In addition to its own recycling truck, FIU provides numerous recycling bins for various purposes. There are currently over 4,200 recycling bins on all FIU campuses. Bins can be found in all offices and classrooms, copy rooms, near vending areas and elevators, in hallways, in all loading zones of all buildings, in all Athletics facilities, and around the exterior of all housing complexes. Since switching to a single stream recycling program in 2009, FIU has seen a steady increase in the amount recycled. FIU recycles an average of 39 tons (78, 250 pounds) per week.

You Ditch It, We Pitch It: An Alternative Recycling Program

On November 2011, Biscayne Bay Campus launched You Ditch It, We Pitch It: An Alternative Recycling Program in response to student demand. The program accepts a number of electronic items including: MP3 players, cell phones, cameras, DVD players, video game consoles, speakers, printers, computer accessories, printer cartridges, copy machine toners, televisions, monitors, calculators, computers, light bulbs (energy-saving, incandescent or florescent), and batteries (lithium, alkaline, hearing aid, car, and laptop). Drop-off locations for electronics include: SEAS main office (AC I 300), MSB 350, AC II 320, Rec Center, WUC 141, LIB 311, and the WUC Information Desk. All large items and light bulbs should be dropped off in the SEAS main office. With this program SEAS hopes to expand the reach of FIU’s recycling program and serve the needs of students and staff.