Our Common Future, presented by the Donald Blechman Memorial Lecture Series

In 1987, Our Common Future, was published by the United Nations World Commission on Environmental Development (WCED). The report sought to unite nations in search of a sustainable development path, and placed environmental issues firmly on the global political agenda. Led by Gro Harlem Bruntland, Norwegian Prime Minister and Chair of WCED, the report laid the groundwork for future environmental movements, including the 1992 Earth Summit and Agenda 21.

The School of Environment, Arts and Society’s Our Common Future series, brings renowned researchers, scholars, and public intellectuals to discuss the critical environmental issues facing the world today with the citizens of South Florida. In doing so the School strives to fulfill the mission of the Bruntland Report to increase awareness and understanding in the community, and to inspire action and engagement on a local, national, and international scale. This series is supported by the generous philanthropy of the Terry Blechman as part of the Donald Blechman Memorial Lecture Series.

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